José Manuel Gil García

Stress Engineer

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I have participated as stress engineer in: Belly Fairing, as checker on behalf of Airbus; Fixed Trailing Edge as checker on behalf of GE; Fixed Flaps Support, analyzing Wheel & Tire Failure (PRA).


I begun my stress engineer career in this aircraft, with the Belly Fairing certification. After that I worlked in Section 19 and Elevator and Rudder SRMs and concessions.


This is an European Frame Project. BLADE is a R&D program that pretends to design a Natural Laminare Flow Wing and to test it in a 340 aircraft. As Stress Engineer I worked as Stress Focal Point with Spars, Ribs and lower Skin

Clean Sky—BLADE

Stress engineer in the Slat-1, re-calculating it against the loads of the new load loop due to a new Weight Variant.


My early career was as Maintenance and Calibration engineer, performing Wheels , Tires, Batteries, Racks… maintenance and calibration of Gauges and Torquimeters under ENAC rules.

Maintenance & Calibration

Sometimes to be flexible and adaptable is a must, so I addapted to new methodologies when I was asked to work in this naval Project, analyzing the foundations (supports for systems).

S-80 (Submarine)